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Extreme weather conditions can no longer affect the best quality vegetable production in special greenhouses: neither intense heat nor frosts.

“Farmers in the Aktobe Oblast, together with some Dutch agro-industrial manufacturers, have developed a unique greenhouse complex” – reported the KazakhExport JSC’s Press Service.

The Dutch Project uses high technologies that have not been present in Kazakhstan earlier. Extreme weather conditions can no longer affect the best quality vegetable production in special greenhouses: neither intense heat nor frosts.

“Firstly, the automation of operation enables all the requirements for growing European quality tomatoes to be met. Secondly, the heat resistance of a greenhouse will allow growing abundant crops of warm-weather crops when there are frosts” – reported the Company.

The project implementation has been calculated in three stages until 2020. During the first stage in December 2018, 6,7 ha were put into operation, from which 3,5 tons of vegetables per year are to be produced.

Under the Project, about 100 tons of tomatoes per week are to be produced, which is equivalent to five trucks. The products will be mainly exported to Russia. About 70 workers from Aktobe and Holland have been engaged to serve greenhouses, and about 200 persons are to be employed in the future.

According to Michael Hondars, Deputy General Director of Green Capital Kazakhstan, the Enterprise has already developed 6,7 ha due to a $20 mln. investment by the Dutch Company and the KazakhExport’s insurance support. The National Company has provided loan insurance amounting to more than five bln. KZT.

JSC KazakhExport EIC provided a great support in the construction of a 6,7 ha greenhouse complex in Aktobe by insuring a loan against the risk of non-payment thereof, due to which the company was able to increase productivity, to apply new technologies, and to reduce costs per output product unit after the achievement of the planned yield” - said Michael Hondars.

The fifth-generation greenhouse complex has been already given the award “For contribution to the development of agriculture in the Aktobe Oblast” The award was handed over to the Partnership by the Aktobe Oblast Akim Berdybek Saparbayev during the AKTOBE INVEST – 2018 International Investment Forum. The award given to Green Capital Kazakhstan during the International Investment Forum indicates its high confidence in Kazakhstan, which is significantly dependent on cooperation with KazakhExport.

According to Aslan Kaligazin, Board Deputy Chairman of KazakhExport EIC JSC, the National Company has already supported four exporters from the Aktobe Oblast: Aktyubrentgen, Aktobe Oil Equipment Works, Green Capital Kazakhstan and AkTep. In its arsenal, KazakhExport has 30 tools to support small and medium businesses including: credit insurance, bank payment guarantee insurance, and pre-export financing.