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A slaughter complex of the company was set up by Kaiyp-Ata LLP in the Zhanabazar Village of the Kazygurt District. Kaiyp-Ata, a meat product processing company, started its activity in 2012 as a feedlot for 1000 cattle. A few years later, construction and installation work was carried out in the cattle-breeding complex, its premises were modernized and the feedlot capacity was increased up to 6000 cattle. At present, the Company occupies a plot of about 17 hectares in a total area, of which more than 33 ths. sq.m. is the production area.             

They did not restrict themselves to the increase in Kaiyp-Ata’s production volumes and expanded the scope of their activities by commissioning an innovative meat processing plant. The Enterprise is equipped with modern technological equipment and security controls; its production is automated. Today, the Enterprise carries out the entire processing operations on its own: from the cattle breeding, the animal feed production, the fattening-off to the shipment of finished products to the order of a specific consumer. The company has its own laboratory, several large refrigerating chambers, and a packing shop.

The plant’s operations are specified quite clearly, there are permanent departments and services in charge of the implementation of certain production functions. Employees of the said units are personally responsible for the operating results. All incoming raw materials and finished products are subject to the mandatory certification. The Plant’s production laboratory continuously makes a qualitative analysis of output products. The new meat-processing plant employs 42 persons.

The Kaiyp-Ata’s environmentally friendly and high-quality products are in high demand not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad. The Enterprise already has experience in exporting its products to the UAE, Uzbekistan and the CIS countries. For example, from the beginning of this year, Kaiyp-Ata has exported 248,7 tons of small cattle meat products to Iran, more than two ths. tons of beef to Uzbekistan, and exports to Russia amounted to 1395 sheep.

To attract financing and to increase sales, the Enterprise requested state support from KazakhExport. Only a short time ago, in December of 2018, Kaiyp-Ata LLP obtained loan insurance for an overall amount of more than KZT 600 mln. Thus, for the time being, the Company has the opportunity to strengthen its position not only in the Kazakhstan market but in the neighboring countries as well. Currently, Kaiyp-Ata LLP is planning to increase their sales volumes, enhance labor efficiency, introduce new capacities, expand the product line, develop new regions and open new branded stores.

By the way, KazakhExport’s services can be used by any operating enterprise in Kazakhstan producing non-primary goods, which plans to enter international markets and protect its business from undesirable risks. In its arsenal, KazakhExport has already 13 tools to support small and medium businesses including: credit insurance, bank payment guarantee insurance, pre-export financing and others. For more information on the state support tools for exports of products, please visit www.keg.kz

KazakhExport EIC JSC is a subsidiary of the Baiterek Holding Company. KazakhExport supports the growth in exports of non-primary goods, works, and services in priority sectors of the economy and develops the practice of financial & insurance and non-financial support of Kazakhstan enterprises. The vision of KazakhExport EIC JSC by 2023 is to become a key development institution in the implementation of the state foreign economic policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Central Asian region and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

January 18, 2019

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