KazakhExport in media


The Company is implementing a project in the Aktyubinsk Oblast to build a greenhouse complex using a European technology.

“The Kazakhstan’s Subsidiary of the Russian Sberbank has opened a credit facility to Green Capital Kazakhstan LLP amounting to over KZT 5,1 bln. for the project implementation including purchase, delivery and installation of a turnkey 6,7 ha greenhouse complex of the Dutch KUBO Greenhouse Projects B.V.” – reports Interfax referring to the KazakhExport’s Press Service. The National Company of KazakhExport has provided insurance for the said loan.

According to Michael Hondars, Deputy General Director of Green Capital Kazakhstan, KUBO Greenhouse Projects B.V. invested $ 20 mln. in the Project on its part. According to KazakhExport, the Project is designed for three stages until 2020. As part of the first stage, 6,7 hectares were put into operation in December of 2018, from which 3,5 tons of vegetables are to be harvested per year. Products will be mainly exported to Russia.

“The Green Capital Kazakhstan’s fifth-generation greenhouses are unique in two aspects. Firstly, the operational automation allows complying with all the requirements for growing European quality tomatoes. Secondly, the heat resistance of a greenhouse will allow growing abundant crops of warm-weather crops when there are frosts” - reported the Company in its press release.

KazakhExport EIC JSC is a subsidiary of the Baiterek Holding Company. KazakhExport supports the growth of exports of non-primary goods, works, and services in priority sectors of the economy, and develops the practice of financial & insurance and non-financial support for Kazakhstan enterprises.

Green Capital Kazakhstan LLP was established in 2017. The principal activity is greenhouse business.