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     At the end of September of 2018, China imposed sanctions on the importation of American goods. The list included more than 800 commodity items, many of which were raw materials such as oil, coal, anthracites as well as petrochemical products (propane, fluid paraffin, benzol and others), heavy oil products (diesel, aviation gasoline, kerosene and propane) where the volume of exports from the United States to China amounted to more than $ 10 bln. in 2017.

    The export volume of products of automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding and other engineering industries from the USA to China over 2017 amounted to $ 29 bln., however, in these sectors, Kazakhstan products have no obvious competitive advantages.

Over 2017, steel and steel products were exported from the USA to China to the amount of $1,7 bln.; food products including vegetables, fruit, dairy products, frozen fish - for more than $500 mln. For Kazakhstan enterprises in these export sectors, “a window is opened” to increase volumes of product supplies.

    Food products of animal origin, meat, beef, pork, horse meat and chicken have also got on the sanction lists. At the same time, the Chinese market imposes some restrictions on the importation of meat products. The Government of Kazakhstan take systematic measures to remove the said restrictions and a number of enterprises have already obtained permissions to supply their products to China.

    Overall, the State is taking steps to solve export problems, one of which is participation in various events. As part of the state program for service support of exporters, the Kazakhstan Chamber of Foreign Trade has financed the participation of several dozen Kazakhstan enterprises in exhibitions to be held in the People’s Republic of China out of the budget funds.

      From October 19 till October 22, an exhibition took place in Xian (China), which was intended to establish contacts with potential Chinese buyers of Kazakhstan export products. Moreover, the First International Exhibition of Imported Products was held in Shanghai (China) where a representative of KazakhExport EIC JSC and some employees of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Foreign Trade presented the country’s export potential and provided a consulting support to domestic entrepreneurs during the exhibition.

         At present, with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KazakhExport EIC JSC is taking measures for the legal registration of the established office of a foreign representative in Urumqi, the main responsibility of which is to search for potential partners for Kazakhstan enterprises, and to provide financial instruments for the successful implementation of contracts for exportation of Kazakhstan non-primary goods, works and services in the P.R.C. market.


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